AOS V5 Deck - Pesenti - 6.0


AOSV5 Signature Deck - Flavio Pesenti - swagiopesenti

Flavio is a technical wizard who riding oozes with style… is always keeping it clean and creative.
His combos are straight fire with the perfect balance of difficulty and variety!
His deck is covered in a “Night Sky” colourway Black with a speckle finish.
The base of his deck has his custom “Universe” graphic that contains an homage to his late father just like his Reaper graphic.
The silhouette of him staring off into the sky imagining all things great.
6 Inches Deck
WIDTH -6 Inches /153mm
LENGTH- 23 Inches/ 584mm
HEADTUBE- 84 degrees
FOOT SPACE- 16.5 Inches/ 420mm
WEIGHT- 4.4 Pounds/ 2kgs
RRP $229.99

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