Envy - 120mm Wh 30mmPU - Bk/Tl


120mm x 30mm TRI Bearing Wheel - Black/Teal
NEW Tri Bearing Design with Wheel tread.-120mm x 30mm 86A PU. “Gap” Aluminium Core
The Tri Bearing design improves impact distribution and extends bearing life.
Integrated tread into the PU greatly improves the benefits of the 30mm wide wheels size.- Inspires confident riding and improved traction
Available in - Black/Black, Chrome/Clear, Black/Gold, Gold/Black, Black/Teal, Oil Slick/White & Black/Galaxy
The 30mm wheels will fit our Prodigy V2 Forks, the Prodigy S7 and KOS S6 Completes with 30mm wheel spacers.
Click Here for 30mm Spacers
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